My Executive: Deborah Hunt


Best Sellers

Large Caribbean Sky Heritage® Scented Candle

Tropical guava. Bright mango. Exotic greens.

Large Pomegranate Heritage® Scented Candle

Fresh pomegranate. Ripe strawberry. Tart green apple.

Homeology® All Purpose • Rosemary Mint

Herbal. Pure. Clean.

Scent Cube

Wireless, portable and perfect for every room at home or even on the go! Add a few drops of your favorite Home Fragrance Oil to the pad in the tray and the Gold Canyon Scent Cube gives you room-filling fragrance with the touch of a button. It’s battery-operated and shuts off automatically after 2 hours.

Scentric™ Plug-In Unit

Plug-in and zone out! Gold Canyon Scentric™ Plug-In Unit offers room-filling fragrance you don’t have to think about. Add your favorite Scentre™ fragrance bulb and the unit subtly scents your home for up to 30 days.

White Citrus Scentre™

Lively citrus. Juicy tangerine. Comforting vanilla.

Large Ginger Lime Heritage® Scented Candle

Electrifying lime. Refreshing lemongrass. Zesty ginger.